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school and dormitory 

The Agricultural School of Pyhra is a boarding school.

Most of the students are residents in the school, which means they live in the boarding school from Monday till Friday.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks - in the morning and in the afternoon - are served in the dining hall.

There is no tuition fee.


The fee for board and lodging  is € 297,60 a month.


The Dormitory


The modern dormitory consists of

28 rooms en-suite.

Up to 4 students live in one room.

Spare Time Activities


Besides cultural events like visits to cinemas and theatres in St. Pölten and Vienna

there are many sport facilities and equipments.

In summer students like to play football, tennis or beach-volleyball.

For indoor activities the school is equipped with snooker tables, tennis tables, dart boards and

and a small gym.


In winter cross country skiing and swimming in indoor pools is very popular.