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Principles, Aims and Strategies

Guiding Principle - Ethic Basis

The principal element for our activities is the deep solidarity with the farmers, the nature and environment and the responsibility for the young rural people.

Our aim is to encourage our students to become responsible, successful and self-reliant members of the society.

Principles, Aims and Strategies

We intend to teach our students an up to date, theoretical knowledge and to train and improve their practical skills.

We also aim to prepare them for their future professional and family life and their life within   the society.

A profound social attitude, the ability to work cooperatively in teams, to be open-minded to innovations and also to be aware about our traditions is very important to us. Our students should be successful to run a farm  or estate economically, to produce and sell concerning the demands of the market.

Rural tradition and values, ecological awareness, sustainable farming and responsibility to nature and creature are profound principles.